A fire and explosion destroyed a building in western Sydney early this morning.

Ten people, including eight police officers, were injured after the blast in Wentworthville.

Tom Baldwin reports.


Emergency services rushed to the building after an explosion set it alight around 4:30am.

Of the two men inside at the time, one managed to scramble free, the other was pulled to safety.

The pair are being treated in hospital. The injured officers suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation.

Witnesses say fire gutted the building.

Ethan Roberts, Witness: “I saw all these flames everywhere and the building was like already collapsed and stuff.”

Another described the chaos “like a movie scene”.

Witness: “All I could feel was my jersey heating up and I was starting to panic.”

Police describe the rescue efforts by officers first on the scene as “heroic”.

It’s understood the Station Street building had residential units on top of a middle Eastern food shop.

The cause of the explosion is being investigated.

Tom Baldwin, Qut News.