She’s 90 years old and still as glamorous as she was in her teens.

So, the Brisbane Arcade is throwing a week-long birthday party, to celebrate entering her 10th decade.

Rosie Jumelet reports.


Charlston dancing and fashion shows kicked off the party.

Brisbane Arcade retailers, past and present, were there to commemorate the momentous occasion.

Hannah White, Jeweller: “My father has had it as Robert White Jewellers for almost forty years, next year is our fortieth birthday. He originally bought it from S.Knowles and Sons, they moved into the arcade originally.”

The work of designer, Pia du Pradal, will be showcased in parades from the 12 to the 19 of October.

Pia du Pradal, Designer: “We, we’re actually going to be showing our current season next Friday, which is the eighteenth of October, between one and two.”

The Arcade was opened in 1923 by Brisbane identities, James Mayne and his sister Mary Emelia.

It’s still managed by the Mayne Estate Trust.

Despite its decadence, the arcade has always been a not for profit organisation, with all proceeds going directly to medical research.

John Moore, Trustee: “There’ve been trustees over the years who have maintained their assets, and looked after buildings like this to produce income, all of which goes to benefit the medical school of the University of Queensland.”

Happy Birthday Brisbane Arcade and may there be many more to come.

Rosie Jumelet QUT News.