If you want to buy premium tickets to next year’s State of Origin you’ll be paying a lot more than the last series.

Today the Maroons launched their membership packages and general ticket prices ahead of the 2014 State of Origin.

Emily Sakzewski reports.


This is what the State of Origin is all about, packed stadiums and fierce rivalry. But you need to get in early to guarantee a spot.

Ticket prices to an Origin game will rise by a minimum of $5 up to an increase of $90 for a premium seat.

Launching next year’s membership packages, Maroon’s coach Mal Meninga said some of the funds help keep the series alive.

Mal Meninga, Maroon’s Coach: “It’s important we keep funding our grassroots, our development program. Ensuring we got strong 16s, 18s, 20s because ultimately we want to have a successful origin side.”

Tickets for a game will range from $80 to $265.

Vox Pop 1: “If you want to go you’ll pay the same as going to a rock concert or anything else.”

Vox Pop 2: “I prefer to watch it on telly or at the pub.”

Bill and Lyn Rose were the first fans to purchase the 2014 tickets and say it’s worth every cent.

Lyn and Bill Rose: “I’m sure if they just put aside a couple of bucks a week aside it’s not too much to put aside to watch State of Origin. It’s such a special occasion for Queensland to keep binning those cockroaches it’s a great thing.”

The launch comes after the announcement that Mal Meninga will be immortalised in bronze outside Suncorp Stadium.

Mal Meninga, Maroon’s Coach: “It’s a reality and I’m pretty humbled by the whole thing.”

Although it’s unsure when the statue will be finished, the plaque he’ll stand on will have plenty of room for future origin wins.

Emily Sakzewski, QUT News.