A 19-year old P-plater lost control of his high-powered car in Melbourne and ran over a tradesman working nearby.

Neighbours say they’ve seen the car hooning in the area before.

Tom Hartley reports.


Emergency workers were racing against time.

Fire crews dug under the wheels of a Nissan Skyline in a delicate 45 minute operation to free the pinned worker.

As the vehicle was lifted Paramedics moves in.

The victim told them he couldn’t move his legs.

Police Spokesman: ” There’s every indication that we might be talking about some fairly serious spinal injuries.”

The tradesman was working on a fence.

It was his first day on the job.

Witnesses say they heard the high powered vehicle approach and estimate it was doing in excess of 100 kilometres an hour before the crash.

Witness: “He was coming from that wya. He did a burnout. He went into that tree. He went into that house, then he was on the fence nad htat man got runned over.”

Residents say they’ve seen the same car speeding in the area before.

Police say the young driver was breaking the law, just by getting behind the wheel of such a high powered vehicle.

The 19 year old is in custody and facing possible jail time.

The tradesman remains in serious condition in Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Tom Hartley, QUT News.