Brisbane will one day be the world leader in Australian, Asian and Pacific art.

That’s the bold vision, that the Gallery of Modern Art’s new Director, Chris Saines revealed today.

Samuel Massey reports.


GOMA, is currently home to more than 15,000 historical and contemporary works of Australian, Indigenous and international art.

The museum’s flagship event, the Asia Pacific Triennial, is the only event in the world which focuses exclusively on the contemporary art of Asia, the Pacific and Australia.

And Mr Saines wants more of the same.

Chris Saines, GOMA Director: “We are trying to be even more strongly committed to producing exhibitions that we make for Queensland. Exhibitions that we get to tour because we’ve produced them.”

He’s got big plans for expanding the gallery’s services.

Including a new multi-purpose, interactive learning environment for audiences of all ages, building on GOMA’s existing internationally recognised programs for children.

And big future plans too, for exhibits.

From next month, we’ll be able to visit a one-thousand square foot display of works by Chinese contemporary artist, Cai Guo- Qiang.

Mr Saines said the art coup, was made possible by a gift from a Queensland benefactor.

It’s exhibitions like the one behind me that will help GOMA achieve their international goals. In fact, earlier this year, in their flagship event over 565,000 people attended.

Samuel Massey, QUT News.