Sydney Harbour was a spectacle as 37 warships sailed in for day two of the International Fleet Review.

Thousands lined the harbour to celebrate the navy’s first entrance one hundred years ago.

Eliza-Jane Mann reports.


Sydneysiders turned out en masse, to say ‘hello sailors.’

They packed the foreshores, surrounded the Opera House, crammed into Circular Quay.

And aboard a large spectator fleet, they took to the water.

Warships from 17 nations kicked off the day soon after dawn, led by towering vessels from China, Singapore and Malyasia.

The clouds cleared for the masses who lined the harbour, and they weren’t disappointed.

Spectator: “It’s great to be here and watch all of these fleet ships going past me. It’s been fantastic.”

Child spectator: “They’re really big and they’re really cool.”

Then, the Royal Australian Navy fleet made their entrance.

HMAS Sydney signalled the navy’s presence with a 21 gun salute.

Sydney led the Australian fleet today, just as her namesake did, 100 years ago.

The RAAF Roulettes took to the sky in an acrobatic salute to their navy colleagues.

And then another patriotic sigtht – a Sea Hawk chopper carrying the Australian naval Union Jack across the city.

The airshow wowed the morning crowds which are expected to reach 1.4 million by the end of the Fleet Review on Sunday.

While the ships rest overnight, before tomorrow’s main event, a fireworks show, will light up Sydney.

Eliza-Jane Mann, QUT News.