More than 100 police officers targeted the Bandidos club house at West End last night – the largest show of force against an outlaw bikie gang in years.

Police had hoped to make a series of arrests.

But in the end, only one gang member showed up.

Luke Rutledge reports.


Police closed off roads, called in the dog squad, and deployed a heavily armoured vehicle normally reserved for high-risk situations.

But it was all for nothing. Thanks to a tip off, police outnumbered the sole bikie gang member, 100 to one.

Jim Keogh, Queensland Police: “Obviously, word spread amongst their group that there was a police presence. It’s pretty hard to hide a police presence of this magnitude, and as such they chose not to come. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to go after them.”

The man was arrested for his alleged involvement in last week’s brawl on the Gold Coast.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney says the Government’s crackdown on outlaw gangs will continue.

Jeff Seeney, Qld Deputy Premier: “The determination our government has is to pursue this issue in the long term. It’s not something that’s dependent on one operation or one day or one week or one month.”

Meanwhile, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has successfully appealed the sentence for the man who beat two alpacas to death last year.

Wayne Charles Hartwig will now be placed under a supervision order for 18 months and undergo psychiatric treatment.

He was originally released on parole immediately after being sentenced to six months’ prison.

Luke Rutledge, QUT News.