There are plans to redevelop the old Gold Coast hospital site as Southport’s new central business district.

The Gold Coast City Council will be in control of the redevelopment.

Bianca Britton reports.


This is the old Gold coast hospital in the middle of Southport. It’s old, worn down and ready for demolishing.

The Newman Government has decided to use the opportunity to revitalise the area and has declared it a Priority Development Area.

Rob Molhoek, Southport MP: “It’ll help us realy scale up our dream and our vision to create Southport a health, knowledge and business district.”

Control of the development has been handed over to the Gold Coast City Council.

Jeff Seeney, Deputy Premier: “The PDA process is a new process that has been put in by our government to ensure local communities can develop parts of their community that they believe are important for their future.”

The hospital was shut down last week and will be demolished next year.

It’ll be replaced by a purpose-built district, made up of residential, retail and commercial properties.

And while Southport prepares for redevelopment, the entire Gold Coast is about to get a new light rail system called G Link.

G Link is a public private partnership jointly funded by the Gold Coast City Council and the State and Federal Governments.

Today, the focus was on safety issues with the new transport infrastructure.

Phil Mumford, Chief Executive GoldlinQ: “Don’t drive on the tracks, cross only where there’s designated crossings and look up and see the danger.”

The trams will become a common sight in mid-October when testing increases. However, the public won’t be able to use the G Link until 2014.

Bianca Britton, QUT News.