The RSPCA ends its awareness week on a high note with a blessing ceremony.

Animal lovers from all across Brisbane gathered to raise money and play with animals of all shapes and sizes.

Tennikah Webster reports.


Today at Wacol, it was all about the animals.

The RSPCA Animal Care Campus hosted a ‘blessing of the animals’ ceremony.

Chaplain Cameron Auld, making sure no creature, great or small, was missed.

Cameron Auld, Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre: “God loves all creatures, he loves people, and he loves animals, and he loves everything on earth. And I think that we can’t bless everything and not leave a certain type of animal, or type of creature, out.”

He says the RSPCA’s work is important.

Cameron Auld, Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre: “I’ve seen just what sort of effort the guys have put into helping animals and I think it’s wonderful.”

This is Azzy. He’s got two prosthetic eyes. The Queensland RSPCA deals with 40,000 animals every year just like him. But, with only 1% of funding coming from the government, Brisbane public support is crucial.

This centre’s wildlife hospital is open 24/7.

While, its on-site adoption centre ensures animal lovers can find their perfect pet.

You can find out more about the work of the Society, at

Tennikah Webster, QUT News.