Brisbane today had a small taste of what’s to come at next week’s annual Oktoberfest.

But it’s a month of mixed messages with the national Ocsober campaign also kicking off.

Maritza Munoz reports.


The dancers are ready. The bells are polished.

And although noone was in sight today, the keg’s ready to flow freely.

It’s time again for Oktoberfest, celebrating everything German, and this year’s expected to be bigger and better than ever.

Louise Moeller, Oktoberfest: “So we’re bringing lots of other really cute entertainment, things that are just a bit different, as well as the main stage, so it’s just building, it’s an extra aspect this year.”

But there’ll still be those family favourites.

Louise Moeller, Oktoberfest: “The great food, the entertainment, the band from Munich that everyone loves, they’re all going to be in there.”

Today there was a chance to indulge in samples and sights, from Queen Street to the German Club.

In an unfortunate coincidence, the celebrations of Oktoberfest fall right in the middle of Ocsober – a national campaign encouraging all Australians to give up drinking for the month.

Michael Fawsitt, Ocsober: “There’s no doubt that we have a strong alcohol culture in Australia, and we’re concerned about levels of binge drinking in particular.”

But there’s one thing both camps have in common advocating responsible and sensible drinking.

Maritza Munoz, QUT News.