A Brisbane extreme sports athlete, is taking a big leap of faith for charity, and to break a Guinness world record.

Jay Phoenix is aiming to make 106 bungy jumps in 24 hours and in the process raise money for the BraveHearts Foundation.

Anya Simonsen reports.


He started his high flying feat at 6:30 this morning by leaping off the 40 metre platform at Kingston Park Raceway.

For most people this is a one off adrenaline hit. But Jay is using gravity to achieve his dream.

Jay Phoenix, Extreme Athlete: “I suppose why not, I’ve always wanted to set a record, I enjoy this kind of a thing so it’s sort of the perfect fit for me.”

But he won’t be satisfied by just passing the record, he wants to smash it.

Jay Phoenix, Extreme Athlete: “I’ll be happy with nothing less than 150.”

And no amount of pain or the possibility of rain will stop him.

Jay Phoenix, Extreme Athlete: “I’m feeling good, the ankles are starting to hurt a little bit so that will be the struggle and the neck and shoulders get a bit tight as well.”

But, despite Jay’s enthusiasm, the bungy crew understands how draining a feat like this can be so they make sure he’s given a lot of food and water as well as encouragment.

Rhys Wachter, Bungy operator: “Every jump getting in there, just one more, just one more, just keep going, we’re not trying to think of how long we have to go.”

And five hours in he’d already bettered his personal best.

Rhys Wachter, Bungy operator: “We’ve passed the amount of jumps we’ve done in practice, he’s still feeling just as good as the first.”

And if 24 hours of bungee jumping isn’t enough, this extreme sports daredevil has more plans to attempt more world records in the future.

Jay hopes to crack the world record before midnight, and then keep jumping.

Anya Simonsen,QUT News.