A boom in foreign students, has created Brisbane’s biggest export market.

The visiting internationals are soaking up our sunny weather and having a positive impact on the local economy.

Luke Rutledge reports.


Forget the US and the UK, International students are turning to Australia, and especially Brisbane, as a popular destination to continue their degrees.

Revanth Araveti, International Student Ambassador: “Brisbane, when compared to Melbourne and Sydney, is a new place which is a multicultural city that’s growing up. So I wanted to explore the new opportunities, and that was one factor which I thought, ok, let’s go.”

Nearly 29,000 international students are currently enrolled in Queensland universities.

The boom in foreign students is helping Brisbane’s economy, with the education and training sector worth $5.1 billion.

With thousands of local jobs generated through international education, it’s now Brisbane’s biggest export market.

Ben Mack, Study Brisbane: “They also bring a whole raft of visiting friends and relatives with them. About 68% of international students will have a visiting friend or relative while they’re here studying. That has a huge tourism component for the city and the state.”

Queensland’s sunny weather is a major factor for students choosing to come here, and with Brisbane being one of the most affordable destinations for international students, it’s easy to see why it’s so appealing.”

Universities are also benefiting, not just from a cultural perspective, but financially as well.

Geoff Edmondson, QUT International: “Last year, some $130 million was contributed in international fee revenues, which is somewhere between 12 and 15% of the university’s recurrent income.”

Mr Edmondson says the contribution that international students make to the university’s cultural diversity is just as important as the financial benefits.

Luke Rutledge, QUT News.