Ten of Brisbane’s hotels have already put up the ‘no vacancy’ sign, more than a year out from the 2014 G20 Summit.

So far, bookings for the global event are worth more than $23 million.

Eliza-Jane Mann reports.


In November next year, Tony Abbott will host leaders from more than 19 countries at the Convention Centre.

And there’s bound to be heavy security around the high-profile leaders, like Barack Obama and David Cameron.

Some locals aren’t happy.

Local: “Who are these pretenders sitting back behind their security forces locking down cities? Look at the chaos it causes to every city they go to.”

And there’ll be a flow-on effect to the availiability of other services.

Flight Centre says the period will be busy, and people should think twice before visiting Brisbane, or at least, book now.

Owner of the Kookaburra River Queens, Captain Jim Kelly, is looking forward to G20.

Captain Jim Kelly, Kookaburra Queen Operator: “It’ll be a great economic boost for Brisbane. We’re keen to show where the floods were, how we’ve recovered from the floods and what a beautiful city we’ve got based on our river.”

He’s looking forward to hosting some big names.

Captain Jim Kelly, Kookaburra Queen Operator: “We might even get some sole-use charters for Obama or Mr Putin from Russia or something.”

High-profile leaders increase the possibility of a terror threat. To counter this, around 5,000 police officers will be on patrol during the Summit.

Despite the possibility of terror threats, Brisbane is already looking forward to the G20 Summit, which should boost the local economy.

Eliza-Jane Mann, QUT News.