The lives of those living with cerebral palsy is changing with the help of some unbelievable technology.

Sufferers and their families have been interacting and socialising at a five day development camp.

Bianca Britton reports.


All it takes is a glance.

Unlike before, Tara can now communicate with her family and at school.

She’s is unable to communicate by speech due to her cerebral palsy condition, but now has the help from a device called the ‘eye gaze’.

A camera picks up on her eye movements to effectively communicate her thoughts.

Before the device, life for Tara was difficult.

Kellie Shapland, Tara’s mother: “It has changed things for her, it’s given her a lot more opportunities just to be able to tell us what she wants to do or explain her frustrations, or what she’s feeling.”

She’s here at a week long program called ‘Camp Have A Chat’ along with nine others with cerebral palsy.

There are a number of other devices they can use depending on their condition, such as communication books, laser head pointers and iPad applications.

A number of speech pathologists also work with the children.

The program clearly benefits the parents too.

Kyle Wilson, Speech Pathologist: “They get to talk to other parents who are experiencing the same difficulties.”

The Camp which has been running for 12 years is changing the lives of these kids. And now with these technologies, they can express themselves better than ever.

Kellie Shapland, Tara’s mother: “She’s showed us her sense of humour and yeah, she’s a different person.”

Without these devices, many feel trapped and helpless in their bodies.

Kellie Shaplan, Tara’s mother: “Yeah it’s pretty amazing.”

Bianca Britton, QUT News.