The Queensland Government is ramping up its attack on bikie gangs, offering large cash rewards as high as half a million dollars for tips that lead to convictions.

Meanwhile One of the Bandidos members involved in last Friday’s incident that triggered the crackdown has now been granted bail.

Daniel Winters reports.


The State Government will set aside $5million in the Crime Stopper program, as a reward pool to get tough on bikie gangs.

For example $1,000 will be available for tip offs leading to successful raids on drug labs.

And half a million dollars for information that ultimately shuts down gangs.

Jarrod Bleijie, Queensland Attorney-General: “Your details will be kept confidential so it’s a completely anonymous and safe opportunity for Queenslanders to dob in suspected criminal activities.”

The Attorney-General says any information could be useful.

Jarrod Bleijie, Queensland Attorney-General: “If people suspect there’s a drug lab operating next door to them, if people suspect there’s criminal activity, we want to know about it.”

And there’ll be a raft of other anti-bikie measures, including bans on group meetings, wearing club colours inside licensed venues, owning or operating tattoo parlours and there’ll be mandatory minimum sentences for firearms offences.

More police arrived on the Gold Coast this afternoon to help with the bikie crackdown. The government believes the current problem will not damage the Coast’s international reputation.

Jann Stuckey, Minister for Tourism: “I know that it is and remains to be a very family friendly destination welcoming of visitors.”

Senior Bandidos member Jacques Teamo was granted bail at Southport Magistrates Court this morning, on the condition he did not have any contact with other Bandidos members.

He’s charged with entering a premises with intent and rioting.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne police have conducted a series of raids after drive-by shootings involving a rival gang.

Eight Hells Angels are facing charges related to drugs, weapons and assault offences.

Daniel Winters QUT News.