We’ve been inundated with cooking shows recently but today a panel of judges felt the heat.

At the Brisbane Baking Show they sampled 400 different types of bread, cakes and pastries to find Brisbane’s best.

Dom Beattie reports.


From rock star cupcakes to wacky-shaped breads, judges were sniffing out Brisbane’s best bakers today.

In a laboratory-like setting, complete with lab coats, the RNA Show Grounds hosted this top taste event.

It’s like a fine wine tasting – very serious, very official.

They say never judge a book by its cover, in this case, never judge a bread by its crust and according to the judges, the devil is in the detail.

So what’s in the making.

Janet Blythman, Nat. Baking Industry Assoc.: “It’s hard to tell you can see a good product from the outside but when you cut into it sometimes then you see the faults.”

But according to the judges this year’s standards were high.

There are Gold, Silver and Bronze rankings, with $5,000 in prize money up for grabs.

Chris Huford, Head Judge: “It used to be a smaller group getting the awards and it was probably discouraging more people but now it seems to be a lot more broad with the amount of people winning the awards I think that’s more encouraging for everyone to enter.”

And you can be sure the winners will be celebrating later this evening.

Dom Beattie, QUT News.