Victoria Cross recipient, Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith, has officially announced he’s leaving the military for a business career.

The former SAS soldier has been in the army for 17 years.

Eliza-Jane Mann reports.


Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith is Australia’s most decorated war hero and has been on six tours of duty.

Now he says, it’s time to retire.

Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith, Victoria Cross Recipient: “With Afghanistan winding down, I see it as a good time for me to step out of the military now, having achieved those goals.”

The Corporal was awarded the Victorian Cross two years ago, after a show of courage in Afghanistan.

Corporal Roberts-Smith drew enemy fire away from his patrol and single-handedly assaulted the enemy machine gunners.

The feat also earned him a Medal of Gallantry, which recognises heroic acts in dangerous circumstances.

Though he will remain in the Army Reserve, Corporal Roberts-Smith will start his Masters in Business Administration next year.

He says the opportunity will allow him to spend more time with his children.

Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith, Victoria Cross Recipient: “Having a normal nine to five job is something that I’ve never done before. To be able to come home at night and have dinner with the family every night is something I’m really enjoying.”

Nevertheless he says it was a tough decision and he has been thinking about it for many months.

Corporal Roberts-Smith admitted he had returned to Afghanistan last year and commanded a small unit information previously kept secret because of his high profile.

Eliza-Jane Mann, QUT News.