The Queensland Premier has reinforced the State Government’s message that it will get tough on bikie gangs.

On his return to Brisbane Campbell Newman immediately foreshadowed even tougher measures than the proposed laws already announced.

Luke Rutledge reports.


Premier Campbell Newman returned to Australia from a trade mission, with some hard words for organised gangs in the state.

He’s warned bikies to expect “robust”, “up-front” and “in-your-face policing”.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “This is not the Wild West, it is Queensland in 2013, and people like that need to take a real reality check.”

Mr Newman says proposed new laws to crack down on organised crime are just the start, but he’s not giving anything away.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “There’ll be more to come. Watch this space.”

As the debate over gang violence rages, one bikie has surrendered to police and told them he was involved in Friday night’s Gold Coast brawl.

He’s been charged with entering premises with intent and riot.

Two other men associated with the gang are facing similar charges.

And there are concerns of more gang violence to come.

There are further reports that a member of a US-based motorcycle gang, which is a sworn international enemy of the Hells Angels, is eyeing off the Gold Coast for a new club.

Meanwhile, Melbourne police are on high alert, with fears of an escalating bikie feud.

A Hells Angels clubhouse was targetted in a drive-by shooting last night. It’s believed the shots were fired from military-style AK-47s.

Police suspect the Hells Angels were involved in violent attacks on a Melbourne gym and tattoo parlour earlier this week.

Luke Rutledge, QUT News.