They could well end up being our future politicians but today about one 100 young Queenslanders had a taste of what it’s like to be in parliament.

It’s the start of the YMCA Youth Parliament residential week, where young leaders will be able to have their say on current issues.

Maritza Munoz reports.


They’re the leaders of tomorrow, but already making their impact today.

They’ve come from every electorate in Queensland to the big house, to discuss their own new legislation.

On the agenda this afternoon, a debate on offshore processing.

It’s a true reflection of how Parliament operates with the Youth Premier and Opposition Leader eager to make a change.

Cameron Howlett, Youth Premier: “I was really passionate about youth mental health and suicide, so I thought why not get involved and yeah, it was an absolutely fantastic program.”

And it’s given all these members a close-up look, and newfound respect for what’s involved with state politics.

Lydia Lynch, Youth Opposition Leader: “It’s so easy to point the finger at real politicians and say you’re not doing this, or doing that, and then to be in a position of youth parliamentarian, you realise how difficult it is to please the masses.”

With eight bills expected to be passed by the end of this week, today there’s already been a debate about blood alcohol content while driving and talks on expanding public transport in Queensland, especially in rural areas.

This year’s program finishes on Saturday.

Maritza Munoz, QUT News.