An alliance of Queensland environmental groups has launched a public health campaign targetting dust fallout from coal trains travelling to the Port of Brisbane.

Clean Air Australia says the trains pass through residential areas of the city and something needs to be done about it.

Tennikah Webster reports.


One million tonnes of coal is transported from the Darling Downs to the Port of Brisbane every month.

Residents along the route have been complaining about coal dust coating the outside of their houses, and one activist says the issue has to be dealt with.

John Gordon, Stop Brisbane Coal Trains: “We want to see these trains taken out of Brisbane, they shouldn’t be coming through a capital city and the first thing they should do is put lids on them.”

Clean Air Queensland says it is a serious health issue.

Hannah Aulby, Clean Air Queensland: “No level of particulate pollution is safe. Any amount you’re breathing in does increase your risk of having a respiratory illness or having cancer.”

And they say the proposed expansion of the Port of Brisbane, will make the problem even worse.

Hannah Aulby, Clean Air Queensland: “We’re looking at 20 to 30 to 40 coal trains going through Brisbane every day if these expansions go ahead.”

Residents and interest groups say the first step is to put covers on coal wagons.

Denise Perry, Wynnum Resident: “Too many people have been affected, and something desperately needs to be done.”

Residents are able to voice their concerns at a public forum at Yeronga bowls club tonight, working with health experts and interest groups, and hoping to find a solution to this problem.

Tennikah Webster, QUT News.