Queensland’s just experienced its hottest September on record and forecasters say it’s going to get hotter, with little relief in sight.

That means the state’s firefighters and other emergency services will be on high alert as we prepare for summer.

Anya Simonsen reports.


Queensland has been sweltering in temperatures way above average – and it’s only just October.

The Bureau of Meteorology has recorded Queensland temperatures at four degrees higher than previous September maximums.

Jeff Sabburg, Bureau of Meteorlogy: “The rest of the season, we’re talking about October to December as the current outlook that we have, there is a 60% chance of above max temperatures.”

This weather may be great for getting a tan or splashing in the water but the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service says that with the hotter weather comes the fire season.

But it’s not all fun in the sun fire officers are warning people to prepare now.

Brad Moore, Qld Fire Service: “What people can start doing now is to clear bushland away from their house, get a good fire break away, clear their gutters out.”

And he advises residents to have an escape plan and be ready to act.

Brad Moore, Qld Fire Service: “Because you have that doesn’t mean that you will be safe from bushfire, you still need to have a measure in place that if worst comes to worst, you can actually get out.”

Queenslanders are in for a long hot summer according to the Bureau of Meteorology the scorching weather is set to continue in the coming months.

For more information about preparing for the fire season you can visit the Rural Fire website.


Anya Simonsen, QUT News.