The Queensland Government has announced tough new laws to crack down on criminal gangs in the state.

The move comes after two men were arrested over a violent bikie brawl on the Gold Coast on Friday night.

Luke Rutledge reports.


Gold Coast police arrested 20 bikie gang members during the public brawl in a Broadbeach restaurant.

Four police officers were also injured while trying to stop the brawl.

Today, two men faced Southport Magistrates Court, charged with affray.

One of the accused is alleged to have started the Gold Coast brawl.

Both men have been released on bail.

The State Government has responded to the violence by announcing tough new laws to deal with criminal gangs.

Among other things, the new laws will ban gang members from gathering in groups and stopping them from owning, operating, or working in tattoo parlours.

Jeff Seeney, Acting Qld Premier: “We will do as a government whatever needs to be done to ensure that Queenslanders don’t feel frightened or intimidated by this sort of criminal gang activity.”

The new laws will also include a minimum 12 months jail for serious assault of a police officer and will give police the power to confiscate motorbikes and other vehicles.

Jeff Seeney, Acting Qld Premier:”These people have always operated on the fringe of the law, they’ve always sought to push the boundaries.”

Mr Seeney says these laws are intended to be among the toughest in the country, if not the world, and the government is adament that it will crack down on organised crime, not just on the Gold Coast, but wherever it might occur.

Luke Rutledge, QUT News.