We’ve had dry July, next Octsober and then Movember, but tomorrow is the start of another fund raising month.

It’s called The Coffee Break Project it’s been going for three years, urging people to go a whole month without coffee.

Elizabeth Lyons reports.


One in five Australians will suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime.

This booth symbolises the isolation many mental illness sufferers experience.

Molly Nicholas, Campaign Co-ordinator: “We thought we would bring attention to that by getting people to give up coffee because a lot of people can’t live without it.”

The funds will go towards allowing mental illness sufferers to have someone close at hand to talk to.

The Coffee Break Project currently has over one hundred volunteers.

Molly Nicholas,  Campaign Co-ordinator: “They basically take them for a weekly outing and it’s usually a coffee and a chat and something as simple as that actually does break the isolation.”

Whilst raising awareness about mental health is welcomed, one coffee shop owner suggests the project could have been done differently.

Mel Griffiths, Cafe owner: “People look at coffee as an experience. It’s their mental health break away from the office.”

Even though this cafe owner thinks focusing on coffee isn’t ideal she suppports the campaign.

Organisors are hoping to raise $30,000.

Donations can be made online at www.coffeebreak.org.au

Elizabeth Lyone, QUT News.