Tennis Australia is on the search for the nation’s fastest server.

At Carindale today, the AO Blitz clocked the speeds of shoppers to see if Brisbane has what it takes.

Eliza-Jane Mann reports.


The AO Blitz is travelling the nation ahead of next year’s Australian Open.

For a gold coin donation, players are able to clock their top serving speeds.

Some may even be hoping to have one of these trophies in their sights in years to come.

Rebecca McDonald, Tennis Australia: “To get people to start picking up a racquet and play tennis. We’re visiting 104 communities between now and the Australian Open.”

The drive will raise money for breast and prostate cancer research in Australia.

The first ten thousand dollars raised will be matched by Tennis Australia.

The Guinness World Record for the fastest tennis serve lies with Australian Samuel Groth who clocked up 263 kilometres per hour.

Whilst speeds at Carindale didn’t reach that record, the particpants are pretty happy with themselves.

Child: “I think my fastest was about 112.”

Journalist: “Are you happy with that?”

Child: “Yeah, it was pretty good.”

So far the fastest serve has been clocked at 186 km per hour.

Brisbane kids haven’t yet matched that time, but who knows, after a bit of training they might have the fastest serve here, at the Brisbane International one day.

The tennis season is just around the corner with tickets for the Brisbane International on sale this Wednesday.

Eliza-Jane Mann, QUT News.