Police officers and their families have gathered today to pay tribute to their fallen comrades.

National Police Rememberance Day acknowledges the sacrifice of 140 officers who have died in the service since 1861.

Imogen Baker reports.


The blue and white were out in force this morning, marching from Police Headquarters at Roma Street to Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in the city.

A packed assembly heard tales of bravery and laid wreathes for the three officers who lost their lives this year, in the line of duty.

Amongst them, Constable Casey Blain, killed in a road crash on Good Friday who left behind a wife and four year old son.

Jack Dempsey, Qld Police Minister: “Always remember that behind that blue uniform is a sister, or a brother, a mother, a father or a grandparent that is serving the people of Queensland.”

There was a sombre mood at today’s service as word spreads about a shooting on the Gold Coast which injured a police officer in the early hours of the morning.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart says it’s a stark reminder of the risk officers take everyday to protect Queenslanders.

Ian Stewart, Qld Police Commissioner: “No matter how experienced, skilled, quick or couragous an officer may be, at times fate and cirdumstance work against us.”

The ceremony, which is noted as the most important in the police diary, also acknowledges the work and sacrifice of police support staff.

Imogen Baker, QUT News.