Another Queensland police officer has been shot, while on duty.

Sergeant Gary Hamrey is in a serious condition in hospital, after being shot in the head on the Gold Coast this morning.

He was responding to a hold up, when one of two suspects opened fire.

Chloe Swan reports.


The drama unfolded at around 1:30 this morning.

Two men held up staff at the Arundel Taven making their get away on foot with a haul of cash.

Witness: “We heard someone call out ‘call the choppers and call the dog squad’ and next minute the cops rammed the fence down.”

When police closed in and cornered the two suspects without warning one opened fire with a rifle.

50 year old Sergeant Gary Hamrey, a senior member of the dog squad was hit in the face, the bullet passing through his cheek and out next to his ear.

The Sergeant returned fire hiting one man in the foot and the other in the leg.

Ambulance paramedics treated the injured and all three were taken to Gold Coast Hospital.

The Assisstant Police Commissioner says his heart sank when he heard of the shooting.

Asst Comm. Graham Rynders, Qld Police: “He is an extremely brave officer and he should be commended for his duty. He is a very lucky man.”

The police union says more needs to be done to crack down on Gold Coast crime.

Shayne Maxwell, Police Union: “We need stricter laws; we need more police on the Gold Coast. The police are doing the best they have with the resouces they have.”

Ironically, the shooting happened on the same day that the two people found guilty of murdering Senior Constable Damian Leeding on the Gold Coast in May 2011 were due to be sentenced, but a packed Supreme Court was told that they matter would need to be adjourned.

Detective Leeding’s mother and partner left the court without making any comment.

Phillip Abell’s sentence will be handed down on October 8, while Donna McAvoy’s was adjourned for a date to be fixed.

Chloe Swan, QUT News.