Brisbane City Council has unveiled ambitious plans to transform the river’s edge into a cultural hub.

The strategy includes walkway expansions and a flying fox across the river.

But the council won’t say who will fund what.

Sarah Orr reports.


The Brisbane river as we know it could look very different in ten years time.

Council has a vision for what they call the city’s greatest natural asset.

Councillor Amanda Cooper, Neighbourhood Planning Chairman: “We have now got a new strategy to find more ways to actually spend time by the river and really enjoy the experience.”

Among those experiences, a flying-fox from Kangaroo Point to the Botanic Gardens, alfresco dining and improved walkways and cycling routes.

Councillor Cooper admits reinventing the river is a formidable task, but…

Cllr. Amanda Cooper, Neighbourhood Planning Chairman: “Projects we say we’re gonna do we deliver on.”

Deputy Council Opposition Leader, Helen Abrahams wants to know where the money is coming from.

Councillor Helen Abrahams, Shadow Neighbourhood Planning: “It has got lots of projects but no detail and certainly no assurance with hard cash.”

This old ferry wharf at Teneriffe has been earmarked for a make-over. But how it will change and who will transform it is still unclear.

Councillor Cooper says funding sources will vary, but the private sector will play a big role.

Councillor Abrahams is also concerned basic infrastructure projects are being overlooked.

She says the community wants access to parks, not zip lines across the river.

Councillor Helen Abrahams: “We’re caught by the big glossy projects, well the Lord Mayor is, rather than listening to the community.”

Sarah Orr, QUT News.