Preparations are well underway for Brisbane’s fireworks spectacular Riverfire.

This Saturday’s pyrotechnics display is being set up, to erupt from more launch sites than ever before.

Sophie Cuffe reports.


This morning crews began the fireworks loading 2,000 kilograms of explosives in all. Some will be launched from barges like this, a finale to mark the end of the Brisbane Festival.

It’s taken three to four months to prepare the fireworks for this year’s show.

Forch Foti, Foti Fireworks: “It’s a lot of time for 18/20 minutes of fireworks but I think the spectacle will be there for the four to five hundred thousand people that come down to watch it and that’s what we’re all about is to entertain people.”

On the Story Bridge a lone a crew of 15 pyrotechnicians will spend the next two days setting up.

There will six barges at strategic locations with three positioned in front of South Bank.

There’ll also be fireworks on the Kurilpa and Goodwill Bridges.

But the spectacle doesn’t stop there.

This year the roof tops on 10 key city building will be used as launch pads.

The fireworks will be triggered by 16 computers that will co-ordinate 8,000 cues.

Triple M will broadcast a series of soundtracks for the display.

Pete and Michelle, Triple M Grill Team: “Aeroplanes, helicopters – all bigger and better. And the fireworks! You should see the size of the barge! It’s going to go off. It’s going to be huge.”

Last year, crowds got in early to stake out the best vantage points in the city.

With this year’s show expected to be bigger and better than ever before, you can bet there will be a race for the best positions.

So grab an esky and a comfy chair.

Sophie Cuffe, QUT News.