The record warm September weather should ease off over the next few days.

But today, the shade and the surf were again people-magnets as a new app was launched to help us stay beach safe this summer.

Francesca Gruber-Hallam reports.


Queensland’s record spring weather has set the state up for a very busy season ahead.

Surf Life Saving Queensland says it’s just like summer in September.

George Hill, Surf Life Saving Queensland: “The beaches at the moment are magnificent, there’s not a big surf on but it’s great for swimming.”

Mr Hill is urging people to follow the safety message of swimming between the red and yellow flags.

Today the organisation launched its Beach Safe app which shows temperatures, lifesaving services, hazards and beach operation times.

Glen Elmes, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs: “You are able to go to each and every beach by beach and look at updated information for each of those beaches in seventy-two different languages.”

George Hill says it’s important that users are able to use the application before they make a judgment to visit a beach.

George Hill, Surf Life Saving Queensland: “In the morning you can make an educated decision on what beach you want to swim at and which one’s safest to do so.”

The Queensland Ambulance Service advises people to stay out of the sun in peak UV times.

Alan Muxworthy, Queensland Ambulance Service: “I think the important thing is to keep hydrated, normal levels, 300ml an hour which is a soft drink can.”

He says elderly people or young children are also more susceptible to heat-related issues.

Alan Muxworthy, Senior Operations Supervisor Queensland Ambulance Service: “I think as a neighbourly thing, keep an eye on them and just make sure they are doing the right things as well.”

Many people flocked to shopping centres today to cool off in the air conditioning.

And it was a great excuse for an ice-cream.

As parts of Queensland bake through record temperatures, tomorrow should bring some relief as the heat begins to shift north. The weekend will welcome cooler days however much of the state can expect temperatures several degrees above average.

Francesca Gruber-Hallam, QUT News.