Throughout the devastating floods of January 2011, there emerged many remarkable stories of courage and resilience.

Today the Governor of Queensland presented medals to 25 of those people for outstanding acts of bravery.

Imogen Baker reports.


On a serene day like today it’s hard to imagine the terrifying conditions these heroes battled through to rescue fellow Australians.

Station Officer Russell Von Nida and Firefighter Bradley Hindmarsh were among recipients.

During the floods in Grantham they rescued a family of five, including a six-month old baby, off a roof.

Bradley Hindmarsh, award recipient: “When I eventually got back up into the helicopter, the mother was on the other side of the cabin of the helicopter and the look on her face, mouthing the words “Thank you” to me was something I will always remember.”

Tug boat operator Douglas Hislop became a hero when he took to the raging river to clear debris but he didn’t do it for the recognition.

Douglas Hislop, award recipient: “We didn’t know anyone was filming us, it was actually dark when we started.”

Mr Hislop steered a detached piece of the River Walk through the Gateway bridge and safely out into Moreton Bay.

Douglas Hislop, award recipient: “I feel proud to have done it.”

The awards are presented every year to express the deep appreciation Australian’s have for those who go above and beyond the call of duty.

A large number of Queenslanders have been honoured this year, a reflection of the extraordinary heroism shown during the 2011 Queensland floods. The Governor of Queensland, Penelope Wensley, says no awards are presented lightly and recipients should wear their medals with pride.

Imogen Baker, QUT News.