The State Government is appealing the sentence over the brutal bashing of two alpacas at Caboolture State High School last year.

One alpaca died in the incident and the other had to be euthanased as a result of its injuries.

Sophie Cuffe reports.


The attack happened at night last October. Wayne Hartwig threw rocks at the alpacas, before whipping and beating them with a large metal pole.

Hartwig didn’t attended today’s hearing.

He was originally sentenced to six months’ probation and released on immediate parole.

The horrific attack, captured on CCTV, lasted half an hour.

Crown Prosecutor Michael Byrne QC told the court: “There were multiple blows to each animal until neither was capable of rising. One animal went to rise and was beaten down again.”

The court also heard the animals didn’t show any agression and the attack was “not a reaction to the conduct of the animals”.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie maintains the sentence was “manifestly inadequate”.

The RSPCA is calling for harsher penalties for animal cruelty.

Annabel Buchanan, RSPCA Chief Inspector: “There definitely needs to be stronger deterrents for these sorts of crimes absolutely.”

The three judges will consider the evidence of the appeal; however a decision is not expected to be reached for at least another two weeks.

Sophie Cuffe, QUT News.