The trial of Jayant Patel was delayed again today, after a media report referencing the former surgeon, was brought to the court’s attention.

Yesterday’s jury selection was prolonged after 11 jurors were found unsuitable.

Sarah Orr reports.


Jayant Patel arrived at court this morning but it was a media report on “negligent medicine” aired last night which again delayed his trial.

The story included a reference to Mr Patel.

Judge Terence Martin labelled it “reckless journalism”.

“Its content in my view was totally irresponsible in view of the fact this trial was getting under way today.”

Jurors were reminded to ignore media reports on the case and base their verdict purely on the evidence before the court.

Once the hearing was under way, the Crown made its opening.

The prosecution argued Mr Patel caused grievous bodily harm to his patient Ian Rodney Vowles.

The former surgeon removed Mr Vowles’ cancer-free rectum and large bowel in 2004.

Prosecutor Peter Davis says Mr Patel’s actions were criminally negligent and the procedure should never have happened.

Mr Patel is pleading not guilty.

Over the next few days, the Defence’s evidence will be heard and more witnesses will be called upon. The trial could last up to three weeks.

Sarah Orr, QUT News.