Twenty-nine ordinary Queenslanders have been recognised for their heroic actions.

The Governor today presented them with Australian Honours and Awards for bravery.

Reetu Gosal reports.


Most of today’s awards at Government house were for efforts made during the 2011 Queensland floods.

Among the recipients, Police Constable Peter Lambert and Senior Constable Steven Williamson.

They rescued a woman from Bremer River flood waters, at Basin Pocket.

Steven Williamson, Senior Constable: “You don’t often get recognised for the work you do, but it is good to get recognised along with everyone else here today. Some of the stories are quite extraordinary.”

Sarah Norman received the award on behalf of her late brother, Samuel Matthews.

Samuel kept his younger sister safe from floodwaters on their property near Toowoomba.

Sarah says her family are extremely proud.

Sarah Norman, award recipient: “He was the sort of boy who just looked after everyone else first. And so, it’s just very special for us for him to get that recognition.”

John and Simon McDermott were part of the helicopter rescue crew operating in the Lockyer Valley.

John McDermott, award recipient: “I think it was the most uhh sort of outrageous experience I’d ever had as far as natural disasters goes. It was just surreal.”

While these recipients have today received their own acknowledgement of bravery, there are at least another 24 Queenslanders who will also be recognised tomorrow for courageously placing the lives of others before their own.

Reetu Gosal, QUT News.