Today we had a taste of the hot weather to come around the South East, over the next few days.

On Thursday, temperatures could reach 38 degrees.

Harriet Harvey reports.


Those out early this morning were treated to a thick London-like fog that covered the city.

When it eased, Brisbane was greeted with an unseasonally hot spring day.

Anywhere with water was full of people finding relief from the 32 degree heat.

Ken Kato, Bureau of Meteorology: “We do sometimes get these patterns at this time of year where we get the hot north westerly winds drawn down over our part of the world.”

The Rural Fire Service urged people to prepare a bush fire survival kit and plan to protect themselves and their property.

Gary McCormack, Acting Superintendent, Rural Fire Service: “If they haven’t already done so what they need to do is is get onto the rural fire service website”

While these high temperatures are expected to ease by Monday, the weather bureau and fire services are urging people to prepare for the hot weather and a potentially bad fire season.

Queensland has a high fire danger for the next few days due to an increase in temperature, the drop in relative humidity and an increase in wind speed.

However, South East Queensland isn’t in danger, if people are responsible.

Gary McCormack, Acting Superintendent, Rural Fire Service: Without ignition there will be no fires, so we are ready but hopefully we won’t need to be.”

South East Queensland is in a neutral weather phase but the bureau says residents need to prepare for the possibility of floods and severe thunderstorms during summer.

Harriet Harvey, QUT News.