Today marks the 18 month anniversary or halfway point, of the Newman government’s first term, but it’s not all celebrations.

Together Union criticised the government’s cut to health wanting a stronger focus on “people first”.

Francesca Gruber-Hallam reports.


The Together Union says Queensland’s health system has never been in more crisis.

It wants the government to take a message from the Queensland community and put patients ahead of profits.

Alex Scott, Together Union Secretary: “Anybody who goes to hospitals knows what’s happening in terms of the fact that we are now providing a lot lower quality of service than we were over a year and a half ago.”

Mr Scott wants the government to go back to basics to ensure every Queenslander has the best health care possible.

He says the government needs to have a real debate with health professionals and the community.

Together says that in the past 18 months the Queensland health system has been under pressure because of massive cuts in jobs and funding.

The Newman government rejects these claims.

It says health funding has actually increased over the same period.

In the coming months, Together intends to work on a report card to Queenslanders about what’s going on in hospitals.

The union isn’t the only one to criticise the government’s record.

Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk today released an A to Z of the LNP’s “backflips, bungles and broken promises”.

She says Queenslander’s are hurting and the Newman government isn’t doing much about it.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Opposition Leader: “Is this as good as it gets? All we see here is that the Newman Government is delivering a brand new executive building.”

The Premier says there’s no measures on which the government hasn’t improved.

Francesca Gruber-Hallam, QUT News.