Hugh Cornish was the first man to appear on Queensland television and 54 years later he’s back, baring it all in the name of charity.

Mr Cornish and his friends at the Renaissance Retirement Village stripped off for the cancer treatment charity, “Look Good, Feel Better”.

Imogen Baker reports.


Look Good, Feel Better is a charity that help cancer survivors rebuild their self-esteem after treatment.

Hugh Cornish, calendar model: “When you consider most of us are over 75 years of age, dare I say it, it’s like we’re all back at school again.”

Many residents have been personally affected by cancer.

Hugh Cornish, calendar model: “In my own daughter’s case she had a mastectomy and no longer felt like a woman. It just gives them a new level of standard and quality of life.”

But the calendar isn’t just to raise money. It also brings the residents a lot of joy.

Graham Leishman, Director of Renaissance Retirement Living Village: “A lot of people will think when you reach 70 or 60 that’s the end of the line but these people here have so much fun it’s just a joy to be with them.”

These retirees always see the lighter side of life.

Residents have already sold 300 copies of the calendar as word spreads about this cheeky charity project and planning has already begun for a 2015 version.

Imogen Baker, QUT News.