A new report has raised concerns about the impact of nine proposed coal mines in Central Queensland.

The report claims both the State and Federal governments have failed to assess the effect on ground water.

Sophie Cuffe reports.


This is Sydney Harbour.

A report, commissioned by the Lock the Gate lobby group, says the proposed mines will drain the equivalent of two and a half Sydney Harbours from Queensland’s ground water.

Lock the Gate says the communities of Jericho and Alpha, in particular, will be affected.

Ellie Smith, Lock the Gate Alliance: “We’ve got nine mines in a very close proximity to two communities and these communities are completely groundwater dependent.”

The report also says the impact on groundwater levels could interefere with the Great Artesian Basin.

But a spokesperson for Mines Minister, Andrew Cripps, released this statement:

All major resources projects face rigorous state and federal environmental assessment before approvals are granted. A framework is being developed in conjunction with all proponents.

The peak industry body representing Queensland miners, the Queensland Resources Council, said it was not privy to the findings of the report and was unable to comment.

Author of the report Tom Crothers wants further coal mine approvals in the Galilee Basin suspended until studies demonstrating water is not at risk, are completed.

Sophit Cuffe, QUT News.