A new organisation bringing together cultural and environmental change in society and the work place, began operations today.

The Queensland Social Enterprise Council represents 300 businesses state wide.

Saskia Edwards reports.


It’s taken years of planning and its founders say it’s unique in taking an independent approach to supporting social enterprise.

It will focus on everything from environmental issues to integrating cultural differences into the workforce.

Steve Williams, QSEC: “Well it’s so broad and that’s one of the amazing things that I love about social enterprise is that it completely cuts across the whole of society.”

One of the council’s founding members, Mu’ooz Restaurant gives employment opportunities to female African refugees.

Denise O’Sullivan, Manager Mu’ooz Restaurant: “The aim of the restaurant is to give work experience, train and employment to the most disadvantaged they found of the refugees were the women.”

Adhanait suffered burns at a Sudanese refugee camp. She’s now found a new lease of life working in Australia as a cook.

Adhanait Mabrhto, Cook: “I like to cook. I like to do the cook. I look to do the working. I like job. I don’t like to sit at home.”

Beyond jobs, the Social Enterprise Council promotes environmental awareness.

Another one of its members Food-Connect prides itself on supplying the industry with fresh produce from only local farmers.

In the future, the council will research, advocate and promote for organisations like this, so socially conscious enterprise can thrive.

And that’s a win win for business, workers and consumers.

Saskia Edwards, QUT News.