With temperatures warming up fast, snakes and ticks are out in full force.

Residents are being warned to be on the lookout, and keep an eye on their pets.

Georgia Terry reports.


It’s 10 weeks until Summer offically begins, but snakes have already woken and are on the move.

Experts are saying the sudden surge in snake numbers is due to Queensland’s mild winter temperatures.

David Martin, Snake Catcher: “There’s been a fair few call outs already the season started early with the warmest July on record there are plenty of venomous ones around.”

They also recommend keeping an on eye on the smaller members of the family.

David Martin, Snake Catcher: “I’d have some advice for pet owners and that would be to keep cats in particular inside as well as dogs over night.”

Animal organisations are reminding people of other threats to their pets’ safety.

RSPCA is warning pet owners to think of their furry friends as the weather heats up. Don’t leave them in cars, avoid tying them up and make sure these little fellows have plenty of water.

And make sure they have regular health checks.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA Spokesperson: “The ticks are really bad this year and in the last three or four years we’ve noticed them sort of coming earlier and earlier.”

Georgia Terry, QUT News.