Tony Abbott is facing calls from his own party to increase the GST.

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett says Mr Abbott needs to take leadership and make changes across the states.

But the Newman Government disagrees.

Elise Eyears reports.


Labor warned through the election campaign that the GST would increase under an Abbott Government.

Kevin Rudd, (file vision): “That jar of vegemite, under an expanded Goods and Services Tax, would rise by fifty-two cents.”

At the time Mr Abbott said, no it wouldn’t.

Tony Abbott, (file vision): “The GST won’t change, full stop, end of story.”

Now fellow Liberal, Premier Colin Barnett, says Canberra must look at increasing the GST.

Colin Barnett, WA Premier: “Unfortunately, one of the tough jobs Tony Abbott is going to have is to step up to the plate. I’m sure he doesn’t want to do that but I don’t think he’s going to have much choice.”

Mr Barnett says that if Tony Abbott doesn’t make changes to the GST, both education and health will suffer.

But Queensland’s Acting Premier Jeff Seeney says the Newman Government won’t push for increasing the tax.

Elise Eyears, QUT News.