A recent study has shown one in four Australian children are overweight or obese.

This has prompted the taxpayer funded PEACH program, which is run by Queensland University of Technology, to combat childhood obesity.

Amelia Bray reports.


PEACH stands for the Parenting, Eating and Activity for Child Heath.

Its focus: educating parents about a healthy lifestyle for their children.

They’ll learn a range of skills, from packing a nutritious lunchbox to changing behaviours.

QUT is looking for 75 families to begin the program next month.

Senior researcher, Helen Vidgen, says PEACH is based on previous Australian trials.

Helen Vidgen, Senior Research Fellow: “It’s had a long time in development, a lot of research done to show that it works and so that way we can focus the tender on funds on actually making it happen.”

The Health Minister says the five million dollars spent now will save taxpayers billions in long-term health care costs.

Lawrence Springborg, Qld Health Minister: “We are now deliberately focusing on the issue of obesity in the community and what we have to do is to put into place a new program because what’s happened previously hasn’t worked.”

Parents concerned with their children’s weight can visit six locations throughout Brisbane for the free program.

Parents who struggle with their children’s weight issues have welcomed the initiative.

Romano Turco, Parent: “Look I believe any program that can help parents help their children lead a healthier lifestyle, I think that’s fantastic.”

If you have children aged five to eleven who may be at risk, you can get more details at the PEACH website – www.peachqld.com.au

Amelia Bray, QUT News.