Melbourne Aquarium unveiled a massive new draw card today.

It can now boast about having one of the world’s largest crocodiles in captivity.

Helena Webb reports.


He’s called Pinjarra, an Aboriginal name meaning ‘place of soft grass and smooth water’.

Weighing in at 750 kilograms and measuring fivw metres in length, Pinjarra has quite a history.

Experts believe the 50-year-old mega croc was most likely from Northern Territory.

He then spent 30 years in a crocodle farm after being found stranded in some floods in Queensland.

And this is his new home; a specially designed enclosure reflecting his natural habitat.

Aquarium staff have been given specialist training on how to take care of the world’s largest and most feared predator.

Rob Jones, Aquarium Vet: “You have a complete respect for the animal and what they could do and so you treat them appropriately. I mean, I’m not going to walk in there and pat him on the head. You know, it’s just you don’t do these things if you want to live.”

The decision to move him to a more solitary environment was made after he became a danger to other crocodiles.

According to experts at the aquarium, Pinjarra should survive another 20 years and shall enjoy a life of luxury in his retirement.

Helena Webb, QUT News.