Apple customers across the globe have been frustrated as the company’s latest operating system struggled to install.

It was hailed as a new beginning for the technology giant, and comes as the iPhone Fives are about to go on sale in Australia.

Jacinta Lal reports.


The line up for the new iPhones is expected to begin tonight, with this shop setting up seats for those first in line and planning entertainment and food.

Telstra’s Queen Street store is confident of keeping up with demand.

Doug McClure, Telstra Area General Manager: “So we’re certainly going to have a really good range of stock which will hopefully meet demand over the first few days of our launch.”

The iPhone-5S has a faster chip, a better camera and a Touch I-D fingerprint scanner.

But after problems installing the I-O-S 7 software today, some customers may think twice.

Vox 1: “I was thinking of getting the Samsung because it’s got a bigger screen, its lighter and it’s got a better functionality.”

And then there are those who are loyal Apple users all the way.

Vox 2: “It’s probably just because I’ve always used iTunes and it’s just the integration.”

Research has shown that Android has a 44 per cent market share of Australia’s 12.2 million smartphone, which is just ahead of iPhones 43 per cent.

Android is tipped to surge in the future markets.

Desmond Koh, QUT Mobile Research Assistant: “Android will mostly get a bigger market share. The next Android operating system is code named Kit Kat, Android 4.4 Kit Kat, so there may be more interesting stuff coming out, innovations.”

The iPhone 5C and S go on sale in Australia at 8am tomorrow.

Jacinta Lal, QUT News.