Pubs and clubs across Queensland may close at three a.m. under a proposal being considered by the Queensland Government.

It’s the latest bid to stop alcohol-fuelled violence in some of Brisbane’s hotspots.

Elise Eyears reports.


A three a.m lockout has been in place since the Beattie government introduced it in 2006.

Now the Newman Government is considering taking it one step further.

A panel of eighteen experts recommend an early closing time combined with extra police, greater public transport and an education program.

They believe one hundred clubs aren’t turning profits between three and five.

Doug Flockhart, Clubs Qld CEO: “Given the evidence, one would suggest this is a balanced approach that’s both commercially viable and tenable for community groups.”

Police say it’s crucial that the Newman Government act now.

Ian Leavers, President Qld Police Union: “I call on him and the rest of his government to support this and wind back the hours to three a.m. A lockout of one a.m is essential as well.”

A similar scheme in Newcastle shows a thirty seven per cent reduction in alcohol-related violence.

Club owners say they’re at capacity at three a.m and an early closing time will only make matters worse.

Matt Blyth, Director of Revelry Entertainment: “You’re going to find an enormous amount of people out on the streets in an unregulated environment away from the protection of licensed venues, having to try and get home and we’ve seen in the past that this just doesn’t work.”

Locals also expressed their concerns.

Vox 1: “A lot of people don’t think it’s a good time to go out until about eleven or twelve. Why do you want to close the club at three, we’ve already got lockout hours.”

Vox 2: “Why change something that’s already good.”

If the proposal is introduced there will be a transition period for the one hundred clubs that trade between three and five a.m.

A decision’s expected to be reached by the end of the year.

Elise Eyears, QUT News.