Two young Queensland boys who tried to save their father’s life were hailed as heroes today.

They, and some of the state’s finest paramedics, were praised for their efforts as part of Ambulance week.

Rebecca Gillies reports.


Minister for Police and Community Safety Jack Dempsey praised the work of individuals who rise up and go beyond what’s necessary in order to save lives.

This year’s Star Care Awards recognised Queensland Ambulance Service personnel, such as Kerri-Leigh Russell, who was named Paramedic of the Year, and recognised for service to her community.

Kerri-Leigh Russell, Advanced Care Paramedic: “It was a very unexpected and very pleasant surprise. I actually thought they called the wrong person.”

Also recognised were members of the Urban Search and Rescue Task Force for Queensland, who helped New Zealand after the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake.

The task force arrived in Christchurch the day after the disaster to search for victims.

Paul Mudra, Advanced Care Paramedic: “It was a privilege to go and support the people of Christchurch and they’re the ones that certainly needed the help at that time.”

It was not just QAS personnel who were honoured today, with twin brothers receiving an award for providing their late father with emergency care.

Brady and Reiley Mason were awarded the Young Hero of the Year award for performing CPR and calling Triple-zero when their father needed immediate help.

Tracy Mason, Mother: “It’s something you wish they weren’t receiving but I’m very, very happy they were acknowledged for what they did.”

The Minister commended the work of the QAS as phenomenal.

Rebecca Gillies, QUT News.