Residents in three states are cleaning up after wild weather overnight.

In Southeast Queensland about 20,000 homes and businesses lost power, and some were badly damaged.

Jacinta Lal reports.


The storm was short but powerful as it swept across South East Queensland.

Strong winds slammed Toowoomba, Dalby and the Gold Coast with minor damage across a wide area.

The wind gust snapped trees and power lines and tore tiles from some roofs.

Keperra was one of the worst hit suburbs in Brisbane.

This resident was stunned by the force he was faced with.

Luke Spreadboraugh, Resident: “I’ve been through a tornado years ago, genuine one and the wind force felt like a tornado. I’m not saying it was, just had that real strong push against the house.”

Wind gusts hit 75 kilometres an hour.

The State Emergency Service received more than 50 calls for help, mainly for leaky roofs and fallen trees.

It’s the first storm for the season and it’s a good reminder for residents to be storm ready, with the Bureau expecting more storms throughout the summer.

Ken Kato, Weather Bureau Spokesman: “We might be in for a fairly active storm season and that because we’re not expecting either a strong la Nina or el Nino and when we get that type of set up we often tend to get a very stormy season.”

Strong thunderstorms also hit New South Wales and Victoria, with this truck sliding in the wet weather and ploughing off the road.

Shops were badly damaged in Sydney as an awning collapsed, and now won’t be open for some time as the owners wait for insurance assessments.

SES workers fear it’s a preview of what’s to come with constantly changing weather patterns.

Jacinta Lal, QUT News.