After 21 years, Queensland Police are renewing a double murder investigation known as the Rock Case.

Police believe new technology may help in tracking down a dangerous suspect, they believe is now living in Queensland.

Gabrielle Lyons reports.


Queensland Police today launched a fresh approach into the 1991 murder of Peter Wade and Maureen Ambrose.

The pair was shot by two gunmen in their Surfer Paradise apartment.

One suspect, Ronald Thomas was was charged with a double life term, however a secondary man John Victor Bobak was never located.

Now modern photographic software allows detectives to create images of how Bobak would look now.

Det. Jason Hindmarsh, Qld Police: “Look at the age progression photographs. I am of the belief that he will resemble these photos.”

With the investigation still open after 21 years, police are calling for the public’s assistance in hunting down the gunman.

Police believe that Bobak now lives in Queensland or northern New South Wales.

Det. Jason Hindmarsh, Qld Police: “Mister Bobak would now be 63 years of age but there are features that will not have changed over the years. Those being a very prominent nose and the fact that he is heavily tattooed.”

Underworld rumours suggest that Bobak himself may have been murdered, however Investigator Hindmarsh says there have been sightings of the gunman within Queensland in recent years.

Police are offering a reward of $250,000 to anyone with information leading to Bobak’s arrest.

Contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Gabrielle Lyons, QUT News.