Brisbane’s Breakfast Creek Hotel is famous for its steaks on a plate.

But today it was a case of livestock in the flesh, all in the name of charity.

Kate Fallis reports.


It wasn’t a typical weekday lunch at the Breakfast Creek Hotel today.

This afternoon you could have your steer, and eat it too.

But not this bloke. ‘Rusty’ is his name, and at over 700 kilos, he’s not getting any thinner.

He’s this year’s offering in an auction to raise money for prostate cancer research.

Jo Lacey, Hotel Marketing Manager: “He won the grand champion in the prime at the Dubbo Show. He also won the Warren Show as well, and he’s come up special today for us.”

The event attracted quite a large number of tough skinned characters, including Gordon Tallis and some other big Australian sporting names.

And the bidders weren’t shy.

All the the bidders were happy to put a lot at stake.

Last year, a steer named Hot Dog sold for $25,000. This year, Rusty sold for the slightly smaller amount of $21,000 to the same bidder.

Rusty doesn’t know it but he’s stearing money into a very worthwhile cause.

Steve Clark, Winning bidder: “This month it’s hotel care week, and what we – it’s our contribution to the wonderful research that the hospitals do in Brisbane.”

The money will go straight to the Mater and PA Hospital Foundations to help with prostate cancer research.

Kate Fallis, QUT News.