Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott announced his new frontbench team today, calling it ‘one of the most experienced’ in the coalition’s history.

Some noses were left out of joint in the new, tighter frontbench lineup, although one party stalwart was rewarded.

Mr Abbott says his team will provide strong and stable government.

Jacinta Lal reports.


The Prime Minister-elect had no apologies for choosing a very different line up to the shadow cabinet he led in opposition.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister-elect: “I am determined as far as is humanly possible to have clear lines of authority and a back to basics government.”

And Mr Abbott said he chose Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker to return the floor of Parliament to a place of genuine debate.

His Liberal deputy, Julie Bishop, said Mr Abbott had no choice but to trim the frontbench team due to the opposition becoming larger than what was allowed in government.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister-elect: “I’m sure that Tony’s anguished over it and people will be hurt.”

Mr Abbott’s already been criticised for naming only one woman, Julie Bishop, in a senior cabinet position.

But he says there are a number of outstanding women joining parliament as new members and ‘knocking on the door’ of promotion.

Meanwhile, as expected, Senator Ian Macdonald, Queenslander Theresa Gambaro, Andrew Southcott and Don Randall are all out of the Abbott frontbench.

Ian Macdonald used social media to say his axing has turned one of his proudest days of his life into the worst.

But this afternoon, Tony Abbott said he is firmly focussed on the future.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister-elect: “I am proud to lead a great team. I hope to lead a strong and successful government.”

Jacinta Lal, QUT News.