You might be familiar with Queen Street Mall’s blind busker.

But there’s another inspirational side to Graham Pampling.

He’s just been recognised by the Pride of Australia Medal progam for his dedicated work with school children.

Amelia Bray reports.


Graham lost his eyesight shortly after losing his only son 28 years ago.

He’s most well known for busking in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall, which has been his main source of income since 1988.

What a lot of people don’t know about Graham is his passion and dedication in mentoring vision impaired youths. Graham spends most days at schools like this helping students learn touch typing skills.

The 74-year old has been nominated to recieve a Pride of Australia Medal for his compassion and wisdom in mentoring.

Graham Pampling, Vision Impaired Mentor: “I… I’m not an accolade seeker, I do what I do because I love doing it and when you get positive outcomes that makes me feel as big as a house.”

Each week Graham visits schools throughout Brisbane and has so far helped 45 vision impaired children learn to type using a talking tutor program.

Graham Pampling, Vision Impaired Mentor: “I’m very proud to have this success in the students that I see.”

Teachers who work with Graham say he has a huge impact on the children, and they are thankful for his contribution.

Kathryn Iliff, Teacher: “Graham’s very patient with them and he’s very committed and he really believes that these students need touch-typing in their lives.”

The Pride of Australia Medal’s will be presented at a special ceremony on November 15.

Amelia Bray, QUT News.